Grout risotto of buckwheat groats from Stoisław Mills


one cup of buckwheat groat from Stoisław Mills, 1 bag of frozen spinach, frozen string bean (as much as you like), can be replaced with peas, 2 medium onions, one packaging of processed cheese, 3 eggs, cheese (blue or mozzarella), garlic, salt, pepper.


1.Cook groats in stock, maintaining the 1:2 proportions, simultaneously fry onion and spinach on a frying pan, add string bean and simmer slightly.
2.In a separate bowl mix eggs with cheese. You can use any cheese you happen to have in your fridge (in this case mozzarella). Mix the eggs and cheese with the mixture on the frying pan, and then add boiled buckwheat groat. Season to taste with salt, pepper and garlic.
3.Serve with sunny side up egg (optionally).

Grout risotto of buckwheat groats
Bon apetit :-)