Yellow cake of pearl barley from Stoisław Mills

• large cup of Stoisław pearl barley
• 2 large cups of poultry (or mushroom) stock
• 0.5kg of champignons
• parsley leaves
• 3 eggs
• champignon sauce
• salt and pepper
Cook groats according to the instructions on the packaging. Beat 3 eggs. Grate champignons on a large-hole grater, fry until water evaporates, put them into a large bowl, add parsley leaves, salt and pepper. Add boiled groats and sauce (powder - do not dissolve in water). Mix thoroughly. Put the groat mixture into a baking tray, preferably a silicone tart tray. Bake for approx. 30-40 minutes in 110 °C. Caution! If the temperature is too high, the groat grains on the top may be hard.

Yellow cake of pearl barley