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* Pola wymagane.


The enterprise was established on 20 October 1958. 
Within several decades the enterprise has functioned in varied economic conditions, adapting itself to the current market needs.

For many years the enterprise has been the leader of the corn and milling industry in Poland. It was one of the first plants to purchase and install:

- automatic packaging lines for packing products into one-kilogram bags;

- electronically controlled packaging lines for packing baking flour into 50-kilogram paper valve sacks, with simultaneous loading onto truck;

- world-class grain humidifiers at the mill's cleaning plant;

- stacked mills;

- laboratory computer equipment for determining quality parameters.

Annually the enterprise purchases 100 thousand tons of corn for the manufacturing needs of the mills in Stoisław. The purchased corn needs processing that enables preparing batches of corn for milling with uniform parameters. The grain elevator in Stoisław, whose capacity is nearly 100 thousand tons, is the biggest facility of this type in Poland.

All investment measures of the enterprise are dedicated to one goal – manufacturing top-quality flours, groats and flakes.

The enterprise's scope of business activity is:
- corn contracting and purchasing

- storage of, maintenance of and trading with corn

- processing and sale of manufactured products (flours, groats, flakes, brans)

- sale of by-products from corn milling (fodder brans and middlings)
Daily processing capacity of the company:
 - wheat mill                      600 tons,

 - rye mill                          200 tons, 

 - barley groat mill                  35 tons, 

 - oat flake mill                      60 tons. 
The processing activities are performed on-site, in Stoisław, at the modern mill and elevator complex.