Do you know groats?

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Do you know groats?

Groats are grains adapted to be consumed by humans after cooking.
Groats are mainly consumed in Poland, Ukraine, Belarus and Lithuania, and in Russia in limited amounts.
In the "developed" European countries groats are not eaten at all, replaced by rice and pasta.
Our forefathers ate groats long before potatoes were brought from America. In our climate groats are nourishing, because grains contain everything that is necessary for germs to grow, that is proteins and minerals.
In the winter grouts are an especially valuable food item. We encourage you to make a test. Try eating a plate of semolina for breakfast, instead of bread. This is especially important for schoolchildren. Groat is a warm and filling meal, which the child will eat quickly in the morning. It is best to use instant semolina.

In Poland groats are made of the following corns:
• Semolina
• Unpearled barley groat
• Country-style groat
• Mazurian groat
• Pearl barley
• Roast buckwheat groat.
• Unroasted (white) buckwheat groat - Cracow style.
• Millet groat.

Unpearled barley groat is the simplest groat. It is an entire grain of peeled barley. If you cut the grain in coarsely, you get country-style groats. If you cut it more finely, you get Mazurian groats. And if you polish the cut grains with rolls, you get pearl barley composed of small white "pearls".

Buckwheat and millet groats are both peeled seed nuts.