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What should you pay attention to when buying flour for use at home?

•Whether the manufacturer is specified on the packaging – not "manufactured for ...", but "manufactured by mill in …"!!!

•Whether the flour type is specified on the packaging (e.g. number 450, 550).

•It is a good sign when the packaging specifies the standard on the basis of which the product was made – this means that the product meets the specific parameters.

•Whether it is free of chemical components.

•You should not base your choice on the name, such as grandma's, grandpa's flour, country-style flour, royal flour, etc. Such names do not imply anything. It is the flour type that matters!

•It is much easier to keep the manufacture cleanliness and hygiene standards at large industrial mills than at small farm mills, moreover large mills are equipped with devices which guarantee that milled grains are perfectly cleansed.

•Flour accounts only for approx. 5% of the value of a baked product, so it is worth choosing proven, top-quality flour, in order to avoid losing the remaining valuable and exquisite ingredients.